Tyrolean duck feast

09. Oct

Autumn is coming and with it we continue to use seasonal ingredients. This time we have prepared a real gourmet experience for you in the form of real duck delicacies. With us, inTirolská izba, we will start autumn with a great meal, so come to us to enjoy a real duck feast.

Homemade potato pancakes with roasted duck liver

2 pieces of homemade potato pancakes stuffed with duck liver, served with duck ointment and pickled vegetables

150g/50g 5,90€

Tyrolean duck liver

Duck Foie gras with mashed potatoes, homemade duck greaves and pickled vegetables

80g / 100g € 13,90€

Roasted duck leg

Slow-roasted duck leg with red cabbage breised on wine and cranberries, served with homemade potato pancakes, homemade bread and spinach dumplings

250g / 150g 10,90€

500g / 300g € 17,90€

Homemade potato pancakes with jam and poppy seeds

2 pieces of homemade potato pancakes stuffed with plumb jam, served with poppy seeds and butter

150g 4,90€

Crispy roast duck

(only on request min. one day in advance)

Whole crispy roast duck served with braised red cabbage with wine and cranberries, homemade potato pancakes and homemade  dumplings

2400g/1200g 59,90€