A festival of interesting and balanced flavors!

15. Feb

Our dearest friends, since our goal is also to use fresh and high-quality ingredients, our chef has prepared a special menu for you from the highest quality ingredients from local suppliers and growers. We have included in our special menu high-quality beef, which is very tender with an intense taste, Eringi mushrooms as well as fresh vegetables from a local farm in Bratislava @vegget_microfarm.

We invite you to a festival of great food that will bring you a gourmet experience, a return to childhood in the pleasant atmosphere of the authentic environment of our restaurant.

Mushroom perkelt

Mushroom perkelt with Eringi mushrooms, homemade steamed dumpling and leek-dill oil (1, 3, 7)

300g/150g 14,90€

Flank steak USDA Black Angus

Flank steak USDA Black Angus tender and high-quality beef with intense flavor served with roasted pork knuckle and roasted cabbage with Bearnaise (tarragon) sauce (3)

200g/200g 29,90€

Ducat buns

Ducat buns with vanilla-chocolate cream and cherry coulis, decorated with blue cornflower and flavored with basil-mint syrup (1, 3, 7)

200g 5,90€

We look forward to seeing you and wish you a good appetite ♥