Slovak classic in a not classic dress!

19. Apr

Our dearesr friends, we have prepared something for you that we can safely call a true gourmet experience in the form of a Slovak classic in a not-so-classic combination of flavors. The combination of classic ingredients with seasonal ones adds a twist to our dishes that captivates the taste buds of many a gourmet or connoisseur of good food.

Rabbit on the “Wild”

Rabbit leg served with wild garlic pies filled with mushroom ragout with root vegetable sauce (1, 3, 7)

250g/400g €15,90

French potatoes

Baked potatoes with omelet, mortadella, homemade sausage and baked with cheddar, served with homemade pickled vegetables, seasoned with dill oil and bryndza espuma (3, 7)

400g €13,90

We wish you Bon appetit ♥