A spring fairytale on a plate!

13. Mar

The dearest friends, we invite you to our Spring Festival of Seasonality, whose specialties not only look beautiful, but taste and smell even better, since the main ingredients are wild garlic and nettle. We have prepared specialties for you, which are a combination of colorful colors and unconventional tastes, which are guaranteed to please and surprise even one of you gourmets.

Do not hesitate and try our carefully and deliciously prepared menu that we have prepared for you!

Scotch Egg

Minced pork with poached egg served with bear garlic potato cake, dill potato cream and pickled onions (1, 3, 7)

150g/300g €14,90

Nettle risotto with frog legs

Nettle risotto with frog legs grilled on garlic with white wine, flavored shrimp sauce and roasted pepper, baby beetroot and fresh lemon cream (2, 7)

150g/300g €15,90

Bon appetit ♥