New dishes on our menu!

01. Dec

We all know that good food has a fundamental effect on our good mood. And we definitely agree! That’s why we in Tirolská izba bring you a combination of honest and high-quality tastes, with which we have supplemented and transformed our menu.

Our new dishes are a combination of bright colors and your favorite interesting flavors, and therefore we cordially invite you to taste these great specialties.

Tyrolean salad

Salad with snails in an herb crust, with grilled halloumi cheese, fried bacon, egg, pickled red onion and anchovy dressing.

Caesar salad with shrimps

Grilled shrimps, romaine lettuce, bacon, anchovy dressing with croutons and parmesan shavings, herb baguette

Risotto Carbonara

Creamy risotto with fried bacon, yolk, black pepper and parmesan cheese

* with chicken

Risotto Limone with chicken in herb crust

Risotto with grilled chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes in white wine with lemon zest and parmesan shavings

* with grilled shrimps

* with baked salmon

Spaghetti di Parma

Spaghetti with prosciutto, dried tomatoes, capers, basil cottage cheese, chilli

Duck combo

Slow-roasted duck leg with neck, red cabbage in wine, white steamed cabbage, homemade lox, bun and spinach dumplings

Pork „Nackenfleischnitzel“

Marinated pork neck steak with potato salad

Homemade Szegedin

Honest home-made Szegedin with confit pork belly, served with buttered speatzle seasoned with fried bacon

Sea buckthorn raspberry tiramisu

Homemade sea buckthorn raspberry tiramisu with lyophilized raspberries

Dear friends, we look forward to seeing you and wish you a bon appetite ♥